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Distinguished Visitors
This institution has made efforts to bring outstanding achievers from every field of human endeavour to address students and staff on the numerous special occasions that adorn the school year. Time and again, Cathedral has played host to some truly outstanding human beings from all walks of life. They have included eminent educationists, spiritual leaders, statesmen, social workers, economists, physicians and surgeons, scholars, writers, journalists, sports personalities and artistes from the worlds of art, music, cinema and the performing arts. The most well known among them have been two Nobel laureates - the late Mother Teresa of Kolkata and Archbishop Desmond Tutu of South Africa, Princess Irene of Greece, T. N. Seshan, M. J. Akbar, Sudha Murthy, Anil Kumble, Anju Bobby George, His Excellency Shri. H. R. Bharadwaj, Honourable Governor of Karnataka and recently Dr A P J Kalam, Former President of India. Most of them have addressed the student body, giving Cathedralites the opportunity to savour the presence of greatness and to catch the inspiration that comes from living contact with such outstanding role models.

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